Transnational and national migration: experiences from Czech Republic and Norway

česká verze stránek

Bilateral institutional project of Charles University and University of Tromsø

Project focus: Scandinavians and Czechs in the Americas, Scandinavian Minorities in Scandinavia, Mobility of Sami society in Norway and the USA.

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Project summary

The Norwegian and Czech experience of transatlantic mobility is quite similar in many ways - mass emigration in the 19th and 20th century to the Americas, the institutionalization of expatriate communities and efforts to preserve the national identity. The CZ emigration in the second half of the 20th century, and especially the current international mobility bring new research challenges that are not sufficiently reflected in the philological research and lack integration in study fields. The comparison of historical experiences, research methods leads to joint activities: 1) new academic courses; 2) publication; 3) implementation of a digital database of sources. The CZ team contributes to disseminate knowledge about CZ emigration in Scandinavia and Americas; the NO team implements the minority perspective in migration studies. The project works actively with young researchers who develop research and teaching competences and acquire experience in using of modern technology.

Project supported by EEA and Norway Grants – School cooperation and scholarships programme